West Side residents request more street lights to deter crime

SAN ANTONIO – West Side residents are tired of being left in the dark.

"There is only one light working, which is not enough for the whole block," said resident Janie Cerda.

Residents are asking City Council members to set aside money and provide them with working lights, that will light up the neighborhood and cut down on crime.

"We really need the lights because this has been going on for years. The West Side has just been left behind," said resident Guadalupe Espinoza.

According to Espinoza, the city currently only has $300,000 allotted in their proposed budget. Espinoza wants the city to add one more zero.

"It about time that City Hall (and) City Council would agree to give us this $3 million so that we can at least put some lights," Espinoza said.

Residents believe more lights will cut down crime.

"When there's no light, there's more crime. We have had a lot of robberies, especially in this street. We've had four and on the other street," Espinoza said.

Residents here took their case to the City Council this week, and they won't stop until their neighborhood is lit up.

"On this block, at least like three lights more, plus the one we have. I think that's plenty of light," said Cerda.