Man car jacked at car wash

SAN ANTONIO –     A late night trip to a car wash turned into a car jacking for a man on the city's Northwest side.
    The victim told police he was at a car wash in the 7900 block of Pipers Lane, off of Culebra Rd, when he was approached by a man with a gun.
    He said the gunman fired off at least one shot at him.
    The victim wasn't hit and was able to run away to a nearby Valero gas station but was left terrified.
    "The victim was really shaken up and he was having breathing problems, initially," said Misty Floyd, SAPD Spokesperson.
    The man was treated at the scene.
    Meanwhile, the San Antonio Fire Department was called to the  2300 block of Observation drive, roughly 5 miles from the car wash,  for a report of a vehicle on fire.
    It turned out to be the stolen vehicle, which was a total loss.
    Arson investigators were called to the scene and the investigation is still ongoing.
    An employee at the car was said there are often problems with vandalism and drinking on the premises at night.  
    Officer Floyd said it's not advisable for anyone to wash their car late at night.
    "I think it's very important for us to be proactive to make sure that we're in well lit areas late at night and that you're very cautious... look around to see any threat that may come up behind you," she said.
    There were no security cameras at the car wash and much of the evidence would have burned up with the vehicle.
    Police are asking for the public to report any suspicious activity they may have noticed to help with the investigation.