Man charged in drunken driving crash could face long prison term

Gerard Kaylor's arrest record for drunken driving dates back to 1991


SAN ANTONIO – Just after 1 a.m. Saturday, Gerard Kaylor, 55, was arrested on drunken driving charges after he allegedly crashed into a police officer who was responding to a call.

The arrest was nothing new to Kaylor. It was his seventh DWI arrest in Bexar County since 1991 and he was arrested in 2010 for drunken driving charges in Pecos County.

As a result of those arrests Kaylor has been to prison twice, on probation and had an ignition interlock device placed on his vehicle.

"This is one of those DWIs that just continue to drive even though he's been warned," said First Assistant Bexar County District Attorney Cliff Herberg. "He's been sent to prison and placed on probation. He knows he is not supposed to do it but he continues to drink and drive."

He said that the DA's office is waiting for the latest case to be sent over from SAPD.

"It depend on the strength of the case but if we have a solid case we're going to seek a long prison sentence," Herberg said.

Since Kaylor is considered a repeat offender he could be facing a lengthy sentence he said.

"It can go all the way up to a first-degree felony under the right circumstances and that could lead up to the  possibility of life in prison," Herberg said.

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