Man tells police he shot fake cop

Visitor from Wisconsin claims man impersonating officer tried to steal his truck

SAN ANTONIO – A driver told San Antonio police he shot and killed a man who was posing as a police officer.

The shooting happened just after 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday at Fredericksburg and Babcock near a motorcycle shop on the city's Northwest Side.

The 22-year-old driver told police he's in town from Wisconsin.

"He was in town to pick up a motorcycle at the at shop to transport it to another state," said San Antonio Police sergeant Javier Salazar.

He said he was about to pick up a motorcycle from the shop and had just parked his truck and trailer a few buildings away from the store when a man walked up and told him to get out of his truck.

"The victim says that the suspect claimed to be a police officer, so he complied. He stepped out of the vehicle and immediately asked the suspect for identification which the suspect did not produce," said Salazar.

Investigators said the man then told the driver he was going to steal his truck. 

The driver had a pistol and shot the fake officer several times, investigators said, then he called the real police.

"There was some sort of a threat made that placed the victim in fear for his life. The victim drew his own pistol, shot the suspect several times," said Salazar.

The suspected would-be robber was taken to University Hospital, where he later died.

The man who shot him was taken in for questioning. He was not expected to face charges, police said.