"Old' iPhones worth cash, store credit

Websites, retailers, wireless carriers offer deals

SAN ANTONIO – Apple's launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was the biggest ever with some 4 million orders placed on the first day, meaning a lot of people will be looking to trade or cash-in on their  "old" iPhones.
A check of several buying or trade-in programs found a range of offers for cash or gift cards.
For an iPhone 5S in good condition, Glyde.com offered $209.  NextWorth, which works with Target, offered $217.  Gazelle.com did better, offering $275.  Even if the phone was broken, Gazelle's offer was $100.
How much you get for your phone depends mostly on the model and condition of the phone.  The wireless provider and even the color of the phone can make a difference, too.
Several retailers want your trade-ins and your business.  One upside of dealing with a store is you can walk in and and not have to mail the phone to them.
For example, Walmart's  Gadgets to Gift Cards program offered a $275 store gift card for the iPhone 5S in good condition.
Best Buy offered $285 in store credit.  Apple offered a $310 gift card.
Wireless carriers also are in on the trade-in competition, duking it out with deals.  
Something to keep in mind, the longer you wait to sell or trade  your older gadgets, the less they are worth.