Ken Slavin: Jazz Crooner and PR Guru


SAN ANTONIO – Having been around the block a few times, Ken Slavin has all the traits of a successful public relations person. But these days, Slavin is moonlighting in the most successful way as a jazz singer. 

His hand at singing has not only proved to be successful, but proves he is equally, if not more, gifted as a jazz singer.

It's no surprise Slavin loves to be around people. As a 30-year veteran public relations person, he deals with people and the media on a daily basis, but in recent years he's taken on a part-time role, jazz crooner.

When Slavin turned 30 he decided it was now or never to start singing.

"I'm still not doing it full-time, but I still have a dream of doing it full-time," said Slavin.

He never remembers a time music wasn't a part of his life. He credits his parents for giving him the love of music.

"Either driving cross country when we would be moving some place else or watching the Ed Sullivan show on Sunday nights, or listening to my parents records," said Slavin.

He said when it comes to performing, he loves to improvise.

"I work with jazz artists that don't use sheet music, they're just really accomplished musicians who can play in any key. So I might just make it up depending on how I'm feeling that night," said Slavin.

With five albums already under his belt, it's the live performances and his impact on the audience that fuels his passion for singing.

"Every song is a story, and if I have pleased them and they have enjoyed it, I'm thrilled," said Slavin.