Terror expert, congressman agree threat of terror attack on U.S. increasing

Jihadists being urged by ISIL to retaliate for U.S. air attacks


The U.S. faces renewed threats of terroristic attacks now that the country is attacking militants in the Middle East according to a Texas congressman and an expert on terrorism.

They said with U.S. warplanes along with those from other countries continuing their bombardment of Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL), positions on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border, there are greater chances of retribution on Americans at home and elsewhere in the world.

Congressman Henry Cuellar of Laredo said there is a very good chance that an attack could happen in the U.S.

"They are going to try to do something," Cuellar said. "They are going to try to send a message to us."

He said the best defense against an attack is awareness.

"Expect some sort of counterattack," Cuellar said. "And that's why I ask the public if you see anything suspicious please call the officials on this."

St. Mary's University Professor Dr. Jeffrey Addicott is an expert on terrorism.

He spoke Wednesday to the Bexar County Republican Men's Club about terrorism and the fervor now surging through ISIL militants.

"They're inspired, they're infected with this virus and they will strike us," Addicott said.

He said the militants have already put out the call for a jihad attack and he agreed that it could happen in the U.S.

"They're waving their black flags, they're beheading people (and) they're doing all the things that excite the jihadists," Addicott said. "And the jihadists here in this country will come out of the shadows. They will strike us."

With the U.S. campaign against the extremists expected to last for years, expectations are that Americans in this country and abroad will have to continue to be on alert for the increasing chance of retaliatory strikes from ISIL.