U.S. Rep. voices concerns over Dilley immigrant facility


DILLEY, Texas – There are still a lot of questions about the South Texas immigrant detention facility scheduled to open in November in Dilley.

The 2,400-bed facility will house immigrant children and their parents and is a response to the flood of people illegally crossing the border.

The facility will be for-profit and will be run by the same company that was criticized for the inhumane treatment of detainees at a facility north of Austin.

Congressman Henry Cuellar had a lot of questions about the facility and is waiting for answers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"ICE has been responsive. They have not been responsive to this so certainly we are going to have a lot of questions when they do provide," said Cuellar. "They're saying they're putting everybody together to do a briefing but I think they can move a lot faster that what they've done."

Cuellar questioned why the facility is being built without a competitive bid process and if taxpayers are getting the best use of their money.