Witnesses give graphic account of fatal motorcycle wreck

Benito Garza on trial for murder, other charges

It happened in the blink of an eye according to witnesses to a traffic wreck that claimed the life of Pedro Tenorio, 55, and left his wife Roxana critically injured.

Still visibly shaken from what she saw two years ago, Nicole Valadez described how she saw headlights from a car going the wrong way on Loop 410 near the Old Pearsall Road on the evening of Sept. 21, 2012.

She was traveling behind a motorcycle driven by Tenorio.  Valadez said she saw the headlights and then the motorcycle.

"When the motorcycle turned I hit it but when I hit it the couple was no longer on the motorcycle," Valadez testified Wednesday as prosecutors wrapped up their case in the trial of Benito Garza.

Garza, 38, is facing charges of murder, evading arrest and failure to stop and render aid.

The couple's motorcycle had collided head-on with a car driven by Garza who police said was fleeing from officers following a home invasion a few miles away.

A passenger in Valadez' car, Nicolas Herrera, testified that he too saw the headlights of the oncoming car. Then the body of Roxana Tenorio who had been riding on the motorcycle with her husband.

"All I saw was the lady on the motorcycle hit my side of the vehicle, the passenger side," he said.

After the crash witnesses testified that Garza, armed with a shotgun, fled on foot.  Officer Ramon Moreno testified that he and several other San Antonio police officers gave chase and caught up with Garza as he tried to scale a fence.

"I was able to reach through the fence and I grabbed the barrel of the shotgun and I held it and then the other officers were able to apprehend him," Moreno testified.

If he is convicted Garza is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Testimony will continue Thursday in Judge Raymond Angelini's 187 District Court.