75,000 people fill San Antonio streets for Síclovía

Outdoor fitness event one of the biggest in the country

SAN ANTONIO – The streets of San Antonio became the community's playground Sunday. The city blocked off several downtown streets as 75,000 people came out for Síclovía.

Síclovía only has a few rules: be active, have fun and no cars allowed. Well, except for the little plastic ones that 3-year-old Vincent played with while he waited for his dad to finish the 5k race to kick off Síclovía.

Four hundred people ran the race. Claire Ann and Faith, from New Braunfels, were the second and third girls to finish.

"The best part about it is that the roads were safe," Claire Ann said.

"We've done multiple races before but it's an amazing feeling every time," Faith said.

With the roads clear there was plenty of room to run, play, dance, skate board and ride bikes. The goal of the event is to get people up and moving.

"I like to do everything outside. I'm usually an outside kid," Caleb Garcia said.

That's the exact attitude Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff is trying to promote.

"Too many people sit on their couches and munch potato chips. You have got to get them off that couch," Wolff said.

Competitive runner Ramona Villarreal said it's not only about getting children active.

"Even the older people, it's good to get outside," she said. "I'm 60 years old and I've done four Iron Man (races), eight Half Iron Man (races) and marathons.

People of all ages took advantage of the beautiful weather and came out for Síclovía 2014.

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