Exxon Mobil claims responsibility for Marion oil leak

Crews work to clean up mess left from pipeline leak


MARION, Texas – Crews continued the cleanup effort Sunday on an oil leak from a pipeline in Marion.

The leak was was first reported Wednesday in the 1500 block of Gembler Road near FM 78 in Guadalupe County.

More than two dozen men have been working in the rural area to remove much of the dirt that was soaked with refined oil.

There are two pipelines that run through the area: one belongs to the Koch Company and the other to Exxon Mobile.

Both companies had investigators in the area to determine what company was responsible for the leak. 

Late Saturday night, Exxon claimed responsibility in a statement.

"An estimate on the total amount of the release is unknown, and an investigation is under way," part of the statement read.

Exxon officials also said the line is shut down and will not be reopened until they are confident it is safe to do so.

The pipeline delivers refined products from Baytown to South Houston and San Antonio.

Crews on the scene have installed booms to keep the product from seeping into a nearby tributary that feeds into the Santa Clara Creek.

No timetable has been established as to when the cleanup will be completed and the pipeline can reopen.