Bulldog reunited with owner after 10 years

Beloved pet disappeared in 2004, found near SeaWorld


SAN ANTONIO – Lost but not forgotten. That's how the owner of a bulldog described her four-legged best friend, lost for 10 years.  

Now, a decade later, dog and owner are reunited thanks to a good Samaritan who found the dog wandering the streets near SeaWorld.

The last time Sondra Munoz saw her beloved bulldog Winston was in 2004. He escaped her backyard after a house fire when workers left the gate open.  

Last Monday her prayers were answered.

"I quickly grabbed him from the lady who brought him in and just held him," said Munoz.

What brought Winston back home was a microchip on the back of his neck. Munoz said it had all her information, and within 30 minutes Winston was back with his original owner.

"He looked kind of ill, you know, like he wasn't feeling good, but I was just in tears," said Munoz.

Luckily for Munoz, she works at Family Pet Hospital in Stone Oak and Winston was checked out right away Dr. Michael Woolley.

"If they've been microchipped they have about an 85 percent chance of getting back," said Dr. Woolley.

He said every year 10 million dogs are lost, and about 7,000 dogs a day are returned because they have a microchip. Woolley gave Winston a clean bill of health.

"Overall he just looks 10 years older and pretty skinny," said Woolley.

Munoz said she can't help but feel blessed. Two months ago she had cervical cancer and underwent a hysterectomy. These days, she's cancer free and now reunited with her long lost friend.

"Pure happiness, pure happiness. I'm glad he's OK," said Munoz.

Winston's senior life will be spent with Munoz, her three kids and three dogs in the home he was always meant to be in.