Homeowners catch thief on surveillance camera


SAN ANTONIO – Vanessa Ruiz walked into her home on Trailwood Drive Wednesday afternoon and immediately felt something was wrong.

"[I] noticed the front door was open, the curtain was sticking out and I thought someone was in the house," said Ruiz, who is seven months pregnant.

Ruiz called the police and left the house. Moments after police and her husband arrived, they learned the intruder was gone, along with some of their possessions.

"Drawers were all pulled out, clothes were everywhere, things were displaced," she said.

Her husband installed several cameras around their house a year ago and for the first time, they watched and saw the man who broke in and took their sense of security.

"We knew someone had broken in, but seeing it, seeing him enter our house, bust down or door, it's sick, a sickening feeling," she said. "The funny thing is he did the sign of the cross twice before he decided to push in the door, break in the door."

The couple tried to get the license plate of the vehicle but were unable to. They believe it's a 2011 Chevrolet Traverse.  A home nearby was also broken into earlier this year.  

If you have any information, you're asked to call the West Substation at 207-7420.