Study: SA cyber security industry one of country's strongest

Local companies, agencies helping battle nationwide cyber breaches

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio's cybersecurity industry has been strong for decades, but a new Chamber of Commerce study is showing just how strong.

The nation's top cybersecurity industries hold the technology and innovation that keep families and companies safe.

New study results prove that San Antonio is one of those shining stars.

"The results were that we are a solid No. 2 behind the Washington D.C. and Maryland areas, which have the largest concentration of cybersecurity people," said the Chamber of Commerce's Cybersecurity Committee Chairman, John Dickson.

Dickson said the focus now is finding a way for the strong industry to become a part of San Antonio's economic development.

"The companies, the talent, the educational institutions that support that -- the outcome of all those efforts and all that innovation is better protection for companies and homes," he said.

That task is more crucial than ever before, after a record number of cyber breaches in the past few years.

Dickson uses the recent breach at JP Morgan Chase as an example.

"They're very sophisticated. People within the industry view them as the epitome of security and yet they have encountered these issues," Dickson said.

The problem is that the industry is facing a very powerful threat.

"The Eastern European Hacker Consortia are very sophisticated, have a lot of resources, and obviously an intent: the money," he said.

Dickson said San Antonio-based innovation is playing a big role in keeping that money safe.

"The companies and some of the technologies we've developed here are being used in some of the breach responses," he said.

He said he hopes this new study will help the community see San Antonio cybersecurity not only as a force to be reckoned with, but also as a solid source of local economic growth.

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