New antimicrobial spray disinfects for years at a time

Local businesses using spray finding success

SAN ANTONIO – An innovative new solution that keeps surfaces bacteria and virus-free for long periods of time is being made by a company in San Antonio.

The ingredient is making this antimicrobial spray one-of-a-kind? Silver.

When you run a daycare, being proactive to keep the kids safe is crucial.

"We have so many people coming in. Parents come in, drop (their kids) off and have been in so many different places a day -- that's the biggest source of germs coming into the school," said Mandy Pruitt.

Pruitt's Mulberry School Daycare is one of several businesses in the country that have now used the new antimicrobial spray.

"On just about any surface, it protects that surface from bacteria reproduction, inhibits growth of bacteria, virus, germs," said Chase Bradford, who works for Inovex Molecular Coatings, the company that created the new spray.

Bradford says nano silver particles in the spray are what make the product so successful.

"We've done lab testing against several different bugs (or) viruses including MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, etc. and had great results," Bradford said.

Results show that just four hours after being sprayed, the coating caused a 99.4 percent reduction in MRSA, a 99.9 percent reduction in E. Coli and a 99.9 percent reduction in Salmonella. On certain surfaces, the spray can stay and protect for years.

But does it protect against Ebola virus?

Bradford said it would be dangerous and impossible to send Ebola to the lab -- so the answer is no.

However, he said the spray has been tested against many viruses and bacteria that have a similar make-up, and it's proven to be pretty effective.

"It's an added defense. With all that's going on, parents are scared, citizens are scared," Pruitt said.

Pruitt says she'll sleep better at night, knowing the kids at her daycare have one more layer of protection against dangerous germs.

For more information on the antimicrobial spray or the company that makes it, click here.

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