SA haunted house claims to offer ghostly experience

Visitors report seeing apparition at Terror Mansion

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio haunted house is said to offer visitors more than scares this Halloween season.

Terror Mansion, located at 414 West Laurel, claims to offer a true paranormal experience.

At the start of the 2014 Halloween season, visitors claimed to see an apparition in the form of a little person or small child in one of the back hallways.

The apparition was captured on camera, but Terror Mansion says it doesn't have any small children or little people working for them.

Vibrant orbs that represent a dog that once lived on site and relatives close to the owner of Terror Mansion were also caught on camera.

"There is true paranormal activity. There are spirits that actually come, and manifest in human form and they obviously come, and enjoy scaring and enjoy the Halloween season. You never know if it's going to be one of our actors or (if) it's going to be a spiritual actor come to help liven up the Halloween season," said Nancy Alanis, Terror Mansion owner.

The haunted house is on two levels and has 23 different rooms. 

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