SAPD: Man said stab wounds came from cutting potatoes

Man suffers stab wounds at home on Future Drive

SAN ANTONIO – A man was hospitalized late Thursday night with several stab wounds, but claimed he was injured during a kitchen accident, San Antonio police said.

Officers responded to the incident around 11:45 p.m. in the 100 block of Future between West Avenue and Vance Jackson.

The victim, Gary Neubauer, called for his roommate, Nathaniel Adams, from the other room. Adams said he found his roommate covered in blood head to toe.

"He just had his hand over his shoulder, you know, and he was saying that he wasn't able to move, because he knew that he was going to bleed all over the place," Adams said. "He just said that he needed emergency help, and he needed a ride to the hospital. There was no way that I could have taken him in time."

Adams described Neubauer as weak, and yet calm.

Investigators said the man told officers at the scene he cut himself while cutting potatoes, but police were not able to locate any potatoes inside the home. They also said the wounds and the amount of blood lost did not appear to come from a kitchen accident.

Police questioned the victim's girlfriend and arrested her for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Adams said he heard the couple arguing, but never saw an attack.

He said however the injury happened, he just wants his friend to get better.

"I'm just really concerned for him," Adams said.

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