SAPD officers take part in specialized handgun training

Training incorporates military, officers from across nation

SAN ANTONIO – Local police officers had the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with members of law enforcement agencies friom around the country during training Thursday that was aimed at providing a new prospective on handgun skills.

The training was free to officers, thanks to the Khyber Interactive Associates, which uses sponsorships to fund its programs.

"I want them thinking about new ways of training, new approaches and stop looking at things the same way we've been doing things," said Wes Doss, founder of Khyber.

Doss brings 20 years of military and law enforcement experience to the training he provides to officers around the country.

Members of the military can also participate.

"Having a strong relationship with our military, and having some of the same kind of training regiments and principles allows us to more cohesively protect the citizens of San Antonio," said San Antonio Police Department Officer Rob Ingram. 

Officers from Alabama and Boston were part of Thursday's training at the SAPD's Training Academy gun range.

"We're all police officers of the United States, but not all departments are the same," said SAPD Officer Mark Castillo. "Just like we learn from them, they learn from us."

"Being able to have an outside influence teaches a lot of the same type of skill sets and allows something to click or for them to hear something they might not have heard in normal training," said Ingram. 

Roughly 80 SAPD officers took part in the training.

"It's always been my philosophy that no matter how good you are internally, it's always a good idea to seek an outside source of information," Doss said. "A new way of doing something, a different perspective."

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