Victims of domestic violence treated to spa day

SA plastic surgeon hosts event to boost victims' self-esteem

SAN ANTONIO – October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month and a local plastic surgeon is not only raising awareness, but raising the self-esteem of some victims.

For the victims of domestic violence, being able to relax and be pampered doesn't come along very often, but thanks to Dr. Michael Baumholtz that changed Thursday night.

"It's an opportunity to make someone who otherwise didn't feel good about themselves feel better," said Baumholtz.

About 50 women signed up for the Night of Beauty. Each woman received a chemical peel, a hand massage and a gift bag to remember the special evening.   

"These women are told they're not pretty, they look terrible, that they'll never amount to anything, that nobody's ever going to want them," said Adrianna Garza Gongora, the director of residential services at the Battered Women and Children's Shelter of San Antonio.

Because some of the women were in such abusive relationships and fear for their safety, KSAT-12 is not revealing their identities.

They're finding safety at the shelter and learning how to be strong again after being mentally and physically abused. Workers say an event like this does wonders for the victims' self-esteem.

"Coming in here and being able to be waited on hand and foot is something that even if it's only for 30 or 40 minutes, a couple of hours, it's a joyous occasion," said Garza Gongora.

"Within the practice and within what we do in plastic surgery the notion is everyone is beautiful on the inside, we just need to find a way to make that shine through on the outside," said Baumholtz.