Northwest Side neighborhood terrorized by wild hogs

SAN ANTONIO – Residents of a Northwest Side neighborhood are fed up with some unwanted visitors.

"Well the last six months we have been getting a lot of wild hogs. Small ones, probably around seven or eight of them. Two big ones, maybe about 200 or 300 pounds, a male and female with tusks," said resident Alex Arias.

Arias has been lucky so far. His neighbors not so much.

"They're tearing up the yards. Any good grass you put up, they eat it all up. Any kind of flowers and stuff like that, they trample. I'm surprised they haven't damaged the vehicles or somebody yet," Arias said.

Arias said his main concern is the children, who walk up and down the same streets.

He's made several calls to try and have the hogs removed but hasn't had any luck.

"I called the police station, Leon Valley and San Antonio police. I called the 411 number, the 311 number, I called the wildlife department (and the) office of the mayor," said Arias.

Arias believes the hogs are coming from some nearby trails.

Fed up with the issue and with no where to turn, Arias plans to stay up and protect his property.

"I will not go out hunting for them because that's not my job to do (and) because that's against the law, but I will protect my property if they come in my property," Arias said.