Local volunteers grant wish for wounded war hero

Grateful Airman says small gift will make huge difference

SAN ANTONIO – Tech Sgt. Dan Fye dedicated his life to our country after he saw the Twin Towers fall on 9/11, so local organizations are giving back to him.

"I joined the military of March of 2002," Fye said.

As an Air Force EOD technician, he located and disabled dangerous explosives in four deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I was an EOD team leader on the last deployment, and I was sweeping and it didn't get picked up by the metal detector, and I stepped right on it. I lost my left leg below the knee, and my right leg was severely damaged," Fye said.

After years of painful surgeries and rehab, the war hero has mastered walking again. However, things like bathing, that he does without the brace and prosthetic, can be very difficult.

So on a whim, he reached out to nonprofit organization Wish For Our Heroes.

"Our mission is to grant wishes to our military members when they have hardships, whether it's financial, or morale, or it's something related to the family," said Wish For Our Heroes chapter leader Brad Tobler. 

He said carrying out Fye's wish would not have been possible without the National Association of Remodeling Industry.

Originally Dan Fye's wish was just to have his shower turned into a bathtub, but volunteers decided they wanted to do much more. They are now remodeling the entire bathroom, including the counters, cabinets, floors, lights and of course, the shower. The new bathroom will make it easier and less stressful for Fye to bathe.

"I feel very lucky," Fye said. "This is a very amazing blessing to me to have this. More comfort, and a little bit more ease of life."

For more information about Wish For Our Heroes, or how you can make your own wish, click here.

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