Protesters rally for change to UIW police protocol

Student Cameron Redus killed by campus officer last December

SAN ANTONIO – Students and supporters of a University of the Incarnate Word student killed last year by a campus police officer held a rally Saturday to call an end to police brutality.

Cameron Redus was shot and killed Dec. 6 by Cpl. Christopher Carter.

Emotions still run high for people like Stephanie Leihsing when asked about the shooting death of 23-year-old Redus.

"They should be ashamed, UIW should be ashamed," said Leihsing.

Nearly 10 months after the shooting, Leihsing said the university has yet to make any changes to their campus police protocols.

"This could happen tomorrow to anyone on this campus or anyone in this community because nothing has changed since that night on Dec. 6," said Leihsing.

Leihsing was just one of many protesters who lined the street wanting justice for Cameron. 

His blood-alcohol level was found to have been more than twice the legal limit, and he had traces of marijuana in his system at the time of his death.

However, protesters like Jonathan Guajardo said that doesn't mean that Redus should have been shot five times in front of his off-campus apartment.

"I think it's something students need to know about, deserve to know about. This happened last December and it could have been any student," said Guajardo.

He fears an incident like this may happen again.

"If this can happen to a UIW student off campus, who's to say it couldn't have been an Alamo Heights citizen," said Guajardo.

"If they had made those changes in the very beginning and acknowledged the shortcomings of what Christopher Carter did and did not do that night, we wouldn't be here," said Leihsing.