BAMC hosts special Ebola response team for training

Team of 40 to aid in domestic response

SAN ANTONIO – Specialized training is underway to support the domestic response to the current Ebola situation as well as any future infectious diseases.

The Department of Defense is training 40 military medical support team members at Brooke Army Medical Center to be deployed if needed to treat patients with Ebola here in the United States.

Dr. James Lawler, with the U.S. Navy, feels privileged to be part of the medical team.

"I think our team is going to be competent and be able to deliver care safely here in the United States or wherever we're called to go," said Lawler.

The team is made up of physicians, nurses and specialized medical trainers from the Army, Navy and Air Force. They began training this week at BAMC.  

The team will train at least 35 hours and are taught to handle multiple aspects of Ebola treatment.

Lawler said a big part of the training is going through real life situations and learning proper use of the personal protective gear.

"Our use of the personal protective equipment, putting on the equipment, and taking off the equipment, and doing it correctly and doing it repeatedly is going to have the team in a good position where we're going to perform those duties safely," said Lawler

If requested, the team will be prepared to deploy within 72 hours to perform missions as requested by the Department of Health and Human Services.  

The training meets the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control for health professionals working with Ebola patients.