Boyfriend sought after woman's shooting

BCSO: Victim's relative also returned gunfire

SAN ANTONIO – Sheriff's investigators are looking for a man who they believe shot at his girlfriend during an argument outside her West Bexar County home.

Deputies responded to the 10200 block of Raven Field Drive around 6:20 a.m. Friday and found a woman in the street suffering from two gunshot wounds to her upper body.

"It sounded to me like two shots. Then I heard some kind of screaming, a young person," said Raul DeLuna, a neighbor. "After that, about 10 minutes later, I heard police sirens."

DeLuna said it wasn't until he looked out of his window that he realized the commotion was happening just steps from his front door.

Investigators said they learned that the woman, initially reported to be 19 years old, and her boyfriend had been arguing outside her home, and that she was trying to stop him from leaving when the gunfire rang out.

"She ended up on top of his car while he was trying to leave the scene," said James Keith, a spokesman for the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. "At that point, we believe shots were fired from that boyfriend."

Keith said a relative then came out of the woman's home, armed with a shotgun, and returned fire. It's still unclear, he said, whose gunfire actually hit her.

"A lot of gunfire exchanged, a lot of chaos," Keith said. "When you start pulling guns out and you start trying to solve problems yourself, that's when people get hurt."

The woman was rushed to University Hospital for treatment. She is expected to survive.

Keith said it's also unclear who -- if anyone -- will face charges. He said the investigation will continue.

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