Facebook post on public breastfeeding goes viral

Incident at Northwest Side restaurant sparks conversation


SAN ANTONIO – A Facebook post about breastfeeding in public has now gone viral.

The initial post was over an incident at a Jason's Deli on the city's Northwest Side.

The post stated that a mother was nursing her 2-month-old child when an employee there took a picture of her.

In turn, someone took a picture of that employee and posted it on Facebook.

That employee responded by criticizing the mother for breastfeeding in front of everyone.

On Friday, managers at Jason's Deli fired the employee for violating their Facebook policy, but said that from their surveillance video, they never saw the employee taking a picture of the mother.

Jason Deli released this statement on Friday:

"Jason's Deli is a family-friendly company. We cherish families and value the many wives and mothers who work here, and the wives and mothers who are our guests dining here. Their right to breastfeed their babies is something we support and believe in. We were deeply troubled by this employee's conduct and not only was his conduct an explicit breach of written company policy, it was a violation of the values we care about deeply. That's why he is no longer with the company."

As far as nursing in public, Kathryn Velasquez, with La Leche League, said it's within a mother's rights to nurse in public and it's a natural process.

"We let moms know that they have a right to breastfeed in public," said Velasquez. "It's not indecent. It's just a mother feeding her baby. Most states and Texas have a law about breastfeeding in public that a mother may breastfeed her baby any place she's allowed to be."

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