Mother who saved children from oncoming car remembered in vigil

Sharon Ledesma killed last year in car accident

SAN ANTONIO – A mother who gave her life to protect her two children was honored during a vigil Friday night.

It's been one year since Sharon Ledesma was killed in an accident at Culebra Road and Consuelo.

Ledesma's mother, Hazel Ramirez, said Friday was a difficult day.

"It's been a year since Sharon passed away," said Ramirez. "It's been one of the hardest days."

Ledesma was killed protecting her kids from an oncoming car.

However, Ramirez said that she takes some comfort in the fact that Ledesma not only saved her children's lives, but the life of her neighbor, Danny Govea, 52, who received one of Ledesma's kidney.

"Sharon loved her kids," said Ramirez. "She gave her life. She also was a donor. So she's our hero and our angel."

At Friday's vigil, Danny Govea, a father of five, thanked Ledesma and her mother for giving him a second chance at life.

"I just want to thank Sharon for giving me this special gift and her mom Hazel," said Govea. "I will always be here for the kids."

"There's not a day that I wake up and the first thing I do is say 'Thank you' to Sharon," said Selena Govea, Govea's daughter. "Because of her, I have my dad here."

Ledesma left behind three young children, but both Ledesma's family and Govea's family said they will always be looking out for them.

"We miss her a lot," said Carol Luna, Ledesma's sister. "We love her. We'll always continue to take care of her kids."

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