Fans try to cash in on Spurs replica rings

Dozens of replica rings show up on auction websites


SAN ANTONIO – Less than 24 hours after thousands of Spurs fans attended the season opener and received commemorative rings, dozens of those rings have already popped up on auction websites.

While they may only be replicas of the team's championship rings, they're already selling for a pretty hefty price tag.

Spurs officials said more than 19,000 fans attended the game and received commemorative rings, courtesy of HEB and BBVA Compass Bank.  

Gilbert Bocanegra couldn't take his eyes or hands off one of the Spurs championship ring replicas. He said he wouldn't think twice about paying $100 or more for it.

But he said he was pretty shocked when he found out its real worth.

Local jeweler Jason Dennis appraised it at around $30. The rings are nickel-based and chrome-plated. The shiny stones are plastic and glued on. 

Dennis said the replicas are definitely not worth the $200 price tag that some auction sites have it listed at, but he said the rings are nice.

"As soon as I saw it, I was really impressed with the detail and the overall niceness of the manufacturing," Dennis said. "They did a really nice job, considering it was a giveaway."

He says the real championship rings could be worth about $25,000, depending on the player. 

Knowing that, die-hard fans like Bocanegra are more than willing to pay the $200 for a replica.

"Yes, of course. It's the Spurs!" Bocanegra said. "I'm a big-time fan!"

HEB officials said even though they've had many requests from Spurs fans to buy the commemorative rings, no more will be made.