NB neighborhood to get badly needed speed bumps

Residents: We ask them to slow down but the just curse at us

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – New Braunfels residents on Dunlap Street have dealt with heavy traffic and speeders for years.

"They zoom through here 60-50 miles an hour; it's crazy out here," said resident Gabriel Martinez.

For drivers it's a shortcut. A way to avoid traffic on the Interstate 35 access road to get to Highway 46.

"They go by, we see them going by faster. They have the windows down, we'll be like, 'Slow down,' but they just cuss at us," said resident Maria Herrera.

The people that live on Dunlap Street said it's a safety issue for their children, who enjoy playing outside.

"Running around across the street, and stuff and sometimes they forget to look both ways," said Herrera

Residents recently got speed limit signs, but say they weren't enough.

Mary Mylius decided to take matters into her own hands with signs asking drivers to slow down.

"A couple of days later I made about 20 signs, and took them down to all the neighbors, and the neighbors put them all out," Mylius said.

The hand-made signs were seen by drivers but the city is now stepping in.

The New Braunfels City Council has approved the installation speed bumps. The speed bumps will be put in next year.