Suspect in kidnapping near UTSA had prior, eerily similar arrest

Bo Jett Littleton accused of setting fire, kidnapping 2 women


KNIPPA, Texas – Bo Jett Littleton, the 34-year-old man accused of kidnapping two women at gunpoint at an apartment complex near the University of Texas- San Antonio's main campus, was arrested in a case seven years ago with eerie similarities.

San Antonio police made the most recent arrest early Wednesday morning at the Avalon Place apartments in the 6600 block of UTSA Boulevard.

Police said a woman walked up to officers who were there due to a fire in a garbage bin and told them she had just escaped from a man who had kidnapped her and another woman.

According to a police report, officers then found the second woman "being held hostage" in an apartment that had been barricaded with furniture, and arrested Littleton.

He was booked into the Bexar County Jail on charges including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and burglary.

Officers at the scene said that Littleton had used handcuffs on at least one of the women.

They also said he was suspected of starting the fire in the garbage bin.

"Automatically I called my daughter because this is her first year (at UTSA), and she's living in a dorm right next to the apartments," said Katherine Gass.

The concerned parent said she also has reason to worry at home.

She lives in Knippa, the small community in Uvalde County that Littleton and his family also call home.

"When the news came on, I looked and it was Bo Jett Littleton," Gass said. "He grew up here in Knippa and I know his family."

According to arrest records, it hasn't been a life without trouble for Littleton.

He has prior arrests for racing on a highway and burglary by force.

KSAT-12 News obtained documents related to the 2007 burglary arrest and found it contained eerie similarities to the new case.

A report written on May 2, 2007, by a Uvalde County sheriff's deputy stated that a female resident had called 911 after noticing a man trying to break into her home while she was inside alone.

The report stated that deputies arrived and contacted Littleton in the area, who told them he was attempting to get help after his vehicle broke down.

Investigators determined that Littleton had not driven a car to that area, and discovered what they described as a "rape kit" inside his pants pockets and backpack, the report stated.

Among the items detailed in the report were leg shackles, zip ties, a garrote and a bag allegedly containing methamphetamine.

No details were available in the county district clerk's records regarding how the case was resolved.

Both the Uvalde County District Attorney's Office and Sheriff's Office were under different administrations when the incident occurred.

No one in either office had any additional information on the case.

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