Lucky the elephant to stay at SA Zoo despite protests

Zoo claims moving animal could be dangerous to her health

SAN ANTONIO – Lucky the elephant will stay at the San Antonio Zoo despite protesters arguing she should be around other members of her species.

Protesters gathered outside the zoo Sunday to fight for Lucky. One World Conservation wants Lucky to be sent to a more progressive facility that can better meet her needs.

"Elephants are highly social animals and Lucky is simply not an exception to that," said Kelly Anderson, executive director of One World Conservation.

Lucky has been alone since the death of her companion, Boo, in 2013.

While One World Conservation says elephants need to be around other elephants, the zoo says that Lucky actually seems happier since Boo's death.

Officials with the zoo claim she prefers the company of people rather than other elephants.

They also say that due to her age, moving Lucky could be dangerous to her health.

The zoo has been granted a variance allowing it to keep her alone, despite accreditation standards set be the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

One World Conservation has filed multiple complaints with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the most recent on Oct. 2.