Republicans enraged by Bexar County Democratic ad

Republicans say political ad aimed at Tea Party crossed line

SAN ANTONIO – A fuming response has poured in after a political ad created by the Bexar County Democratic Party began running Thursday on Univision 41.

The ad is only 30 seconds, but packs a big punch. 

The local Democratic political ad in Spanish, flashes the words "muy peligrosa," meaning "very dangerous," over the Tea Party's "Don't Tread on Me" banner. Then, images of men in camouflage with large guns and worried women holding their children.

The ad calls tea party Republicans "terrorists who want to take issues into their own hands, harming kids and families with violence and firearms on the border."

"They deserve to be called terrorists. They're acting like them, they're dressing like them," said Bexar County Democratic Chairman Manuel Medina, who created the ad.

Medina is referring to civilian militia vigilantes on the Texas border.

"These are tea party Republicans that are out terrorizing people along the border. It's a fact," Medina said.

However, Bexar County Republican Chairman Robert Stovall said the accusation is absurd, and is firing back.

"I watched the ad and immediately was outraged. To think that the Democrat Party has become so desperate to take advantage of their own viewership in Spanish is insulting," Stovall said.

The tea party falls under the Republican Party's umbrella and as a Republican, Stovall said the ad crossed many lines.

"When we think of domestic terrorists right now, we're thinking of someone who's been trained by ISIS or al Qaeda," Stovall said.

Medina, however, is standing firm, defending his ad and not backing down.

Monday at noon, tea party members and supporters are holding a rally at Univision to protest the local Democratic party and the controversial ad.

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