Abbott puts forth agenda for term in office

Governor-elect focuses on border, education, firearms


AUSTIN, Texas – After celebrating his victory on stage last night in downtown Austin, Governor-elect Greg Abbott wasted little time putting forth his agenda.

Abbott held a news conference at the state Capitol Wednesday morning to announce that he was responding to Republicans who sent a message nationwide.

"A message was sent by Americans last night and it was a message focused on policy priorities," Abbott said.

He said that message here in Texas means dealing with issues most important to Texans.

Those include, he said, things like border security and supporting open carry firearms.

Abbott said open carry laws have passed in other states and he would sign a bill allowing it if one passes out of the legislature.

"If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it's good enough for the state of Texas," Abbott said.

Another issue, he discussed with incoming Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is securing the Texas border. And, while Rick Perry handing him the reins to the state last night, he promised to look into Perry's Enterprise Fund, which is designed to attract business to Texas, but has been labeled Perry's personal piggy bank.

"There have been certain ways in which the enterprise fund has been shown to be defective, at least the way it was structured," Abbott said. "And I think that at a minimum the enterprise fund needs to be thoroughly reevaluated."

Abbott will officially be inaugurated in January, but wanted to assure Texans he is working now.