Glitch blamed for omitting Abbott's name

Governor-elect's name missing from one ballot


SAN ANTONIO – A voting machine at a polling site on the city's Northwest Side that didn't display governor-elect Greg Abbott's name on the ballot was not functioning properly, according to a statement released Wednesday from the company that supplies the software for voting machines in Bexar County.

Election Systems and Software, based in Nebraska, emailed KSAT 12 News a statement that read in part, "An initial analysis by Bexar County and the ES&S technician on site has confirmed that the unit in question was not functioning properly and was incorrectly displaying a candidate in one race on the touch screen."  

The company said the problem stemmed from a faulty memory card, although it's still testing the machine to validate the exact cause.

The glitch was noticed by a voter Tuesday at the First Chinese Baptist Church voting site on Prue Road. The voter took a picture of the erroneous ballot and it went viral on social media websites. Initially, it was thought the picture may have been Photoshopped. The machine was eventually removed by Bexar County officials to be analyzed. 

The company said election officials "followed proper protocol and procedure in all testing, coding, and equipment preparation."

To read the entire statement from the company, click here (PDF).