LaHood: 'I want to start off running, not walking'

Nicolas 'Nico' LaHood defeated incumbent District Attorney Susan Reed

SAN ANTONIO – Among the first phone calls Nicholas "Nico" LaHood received on the morning after he won the election as Bexar County District Attorney was from incumbent District Attorney Susan Reed.

"I got a phone call from Ms. Reed today talking about the transition, personnel-wise, and the information that I'll need," LaHood said Wednesday morning.

He said that he planned no wholesale house-cleaning of personnel and will begin interviewing everyone in the office.

"I am a man of faith and my faith tells me that wisdom is found in the counsel of many, not one," LaHood said. "I don't have all the answers but I have the mindset to bring the issues to the table and the people together."

LaHood said he has a lot to do in a short amount of time.

"We have only seven weeks, when you really think about it," he said. "We take over Jan. 1 and I want to start off running, not walking."

LaHood said keeping campaign promises will be a priority.

"Once we get that transitional restructuring done, I want to start organizing that child abuse summit that I talked so much about during the campaign," he said.

On Wednesday afternoon, Reed released this statement in regards to Tuesday's election:

"It's been my honor to have served Bexar County for 28 years as an elected official, sixteen of them as Bexar County's Criminal District Attorney. This morning, I reached out to Mr. Nico Lahood and let him know we would do everything through the end of the year to make this a smooth transition into the next administration. I thank the citizens of this community for giving me the honor to serve them."

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