Costco or Sam's Club? Wholesale retailers rated

SAN ANTONIO – If you're a fan of the big warehouse clubs, you have options in San Antonio. We have Costco and Sam's Club, but how do you choose which one to join?

Consumer reports rated them on a number of categories through reader surveys and product testing with 5 being the best score and 1 the worst.

When it comes to cost, Costco scored a 5 while Sam's Club got a 4.

Eventhough Sam's Club memberships are slightly cheaper than Costco, testers found that shoppers saved more than 11 percent at Costco compared to prices at other retailers, but the savings at Sam's Club was less than 5 percent.

When it comes to selection, neither store got high marks from consumer reports readers. Costco scored the lowest with a 1. Sam's Club didn't do much better with a 2.

As for quality, Costco offers more higher-end goods and scored higher in areas like women and children's clothing jewelry and home decor. Costco received a 5 while Sam's Club got a 4.

Costco fared much better when it comes to club services like investments loans and insurance. Costco got a 5 and Sam's Club a 2

Costco also came out slightly on top when it comes to customer service.

In the end, Costco had the edge overall with an average score of 3.8 compared to Sam's Club's average of 2.8.

But it may come down to convenience. Many people will join whichever club is closest to their home.