District 2 candidates preparing for run-off

Alan Warrick looking to unseat current councilman Keith Toney


SAN ANTONIO – After several months of campaigning, the race for the city's District 2 seat is headed to a run-off.

Alan Warrick and current District 2 councilman Keith Toney both failed to cross the 50 percent threshold, so the two men will go head-to-head in a run-off on Dec. 9.

"I want to get support from the young guys in the race that didn't make the runoff," Warrick said. "It's a new generation. One of my slogans is 'The future is now,' and I think we can be the future of District 2."

Warrick said he will work hard to show voters that his leadership style differs from Toney's. He said the fact that two of Toney's city staffers, including Chief of Staff Orlando Ramirez, were campaigning for the councilman Tuesday instead of working is an example.

The two staffers took the day off and were not on the city's time, so it is not a violation of city code.

Furthermore, City Council staff members are not city employees. But Warrick said the issue speaks volume about how Toney runs the District 2 office.

"Does them not being at work benefit the district or Councilman Toney? I think it benefits the councilman." Warrick said. "We need all the help we can get, and they need to be at work and not campaigning."

Toney called the criticism a distraction from the issues and said he does not have time to play politics. He'll lean on his 15 years of service to San Antonio residents to win the run-off.

"We're going to continue to do the people's work we're going to rely on our record, our record of service, our record of community involvement," said Toney. "We have been involved in the community over many many years, and that's what we'll depend on."

Toney said the staffers even received the approval of the city attorney before taking the day off to campaign.