SA man survives hit-and-run

Ruben Tavarez: I couldn't understand, I wasn't all there


SAN ANTONIO – A 72-year-old man is still trying to figure out how he became the victim of a hit-and-run.

"I was at the traffic light and I started crossing the street and all of a sudden this car came around and hit me and flips me over," said Ruben Tavarez.

Tavarez was tossed into the air. He landed on his face and doesn't remember much.

"Then she stops and I got up, and I was standing on the sidewalk and she was telling me something but I couldn't understand. I wasn't all there," Tavarez said.

Tavarez was able to walk to the Greyhound bus stop. His wife and several others called 911 after he arrived.

Fifteen stitches and a few bruises later, Tavarez knows he's lucky and said his focus is on finding the person responsible.

"I figure she's in her mid-20s, somewhere around there she's a young lady so they can prosecute her," said Tavarez.