SA meat market, tortilla factory, chinese buffet fail inspections

Hand washing violations found at all three establishments

Inspectors with the Metropolitan Health District gave failing scores to three local businesses according to records recently obtained by KSAT.

La Michoacana Meat Market at 2323 S.W. Military Drive received 37 demerits

  • During her visit, the inspector observed a large pot of beans and cooked meat that had not been properly cooled before being stored.
  • An employee was observed washing their hands with soap and cold water.
  • Leftovers in the cooler did not have date labels.
  • No paper towels were found at the butcher hand sink.
  • The business' food permit had expired and was not posted in public view.

Our Behind the Kitchen Door crew also noticed their inspection report wasn't posted either.

The meat market's manager showed the BKD crew a copy of the report but didn't explain why it wasn't posted as required.

He also mentioned the business had been re-inspected but he wasn't specific about any action taken.

Sanitary Tortilla Factory at 623 Urban Loop failed inspection with 35 demerits.

  • The inspector reports seeing no one wash their hands during food production.
  • A hand washing sink next to the three-compartment sink did not have hot water.
  • Roaches were observed in the manufacturing area including in some equipment, the restrooms and the three-compartment sink area.
  • The inspector also advised the staff to clean under all equipment to reduce food debris.

The BKD crew was allowed inside the manufacturing area where employees wearing hair nets were busy making corn tortillas in large batches.

Our crew did not see anyone wash their hands during the visit and observed that none of the employees on the production line were wearing gloves.

No insects were seen in the building and the owner says he now has weekly pest control treatments.

He tells BKD that he considers health inspectors helpful and looks forward to working with them to resolve problems in the future.

Hong Kong Harbor, located at 8230 Marbach Road, received a poor score of 32 demerits.

  • The health inspector observed an employee put on gloves without washing their hands.
  • An employee was seen cutting broccoli with bare hands, wipe their hands on their apron and go back to cutting broccoli.
  • Food in the cooler had no date labels.
  • Several sinks had the hot water turned off due to leaks.

The staff was asked to clean the entire establishment and the restaurant's back screen door had holes that needed to be repaired/sealed.

The BKD crew arrived at Hong Kong Harbor just before the business opened for lunch.

They observed a generally clean dining room with steaming trays of food already in place on the buffet line.

One of Hong Kong Harbor's managers showed BKD a re-inspection report that indicates all violations had been corrected.

The BKD crew decided to drive around to the back of the restaurant and look at the screen door mentioned in the reports.

They discovered an unusual cage around the back door covered in flypaper sticky strips.

Built entirely of multiple screen doors, there were gaps in most of the doors where door knobs or deadbolt locks would normally be installed.

Some of those holes had been stuffed with trash or other materials.

KSAT contacted the manager for an explanation.

He stated that delivery drivers kept ramming the back screen door, so they installed the cage to help prevent further damage.

The manager said he'd properly seal the holes in the cage and promised to do so later that same day.

If you have a complaint about a food establishment within the San Antonio city limits, please send an e-mail to the Metropolitan Health District at: samhd@sanantonio.gov

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