Residents concerned after third body found in neighborhood

Bodies found in June, July; 2 people arrested in connection with those deaths

SAN ANTONIO – There is still very little known about how a body ended up in a cornfield on Donop near Old Corpus Christi Road Thursday afternoon.

The land-owner said the farmer who rents the land found the body when he pulled up, and first thought it was an animal in the field.

Even though investigators have not said whether the person was killed or died naturally, several neighbors who came by said they have no doubt the person was dumped.

"That's insane. It's this close to a school, this close to home, and what are we going to do? The sheriff's station is just down the road, and people are that brave to be able to dump a body that close?" said Robinn Alvizo, who lives nearby.

One of the reasons neighbors fear that kind of crime is the history of bodies found nearby in the last six months.

In July, someone discovered another body nearby on Old Corpus Christi Road, and in June, a man's body was uncovered on Donop.

Two people have been arrested in connection to both of those deaths.

"You have to protect yourself and be aware of your surroundings and make sure you know your neighbors and your neighbors know you," said Alvizo.