Mobile clinic provides health care in Comal County


COMAL COUNTY, Texas – Members of the Comal County medical community are taking the initiative to improve the health of their friends and neighbors.

The goal of the Comal County Wellness Program, according to Comal County firefighter and EMS Dan Oakes, is maintaining area residents' health, preventing unnecessary 911 emergency trips and reducing the costs of health care to the community.

Oakes said since many residents live in rural areas and can't get to medical centers for health care, the program's Wellness on Wheels trailer takes health care to them.

"We are far enough out that it is very important for our friends and neighbors to have access to this kind of heath care," Oakes said. "We provide screening services and we provide health and wellness checkups."

The trailer makes stops around the county just about every week. It is staffed by EMTs and, on occasion, by a physician, a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner.

Janice Wilson has been traveling to San Antonio for her care, but because of the distance, she has skipped on some visits and medications.

"I will be able to stay on top of my high blood pressure and diabetes," she said.

She can now be under the care of the Acacia Medical Mission. The clinic, located at the fire station on Highway 281 north of Highway 46, is staffed three days a week.

Program EMTs will also go to some patients' homes and do one-on-one consultations just to get and update their current health condition.

Jonathan Shaffer hit a rough patch and has been struggling with some serious health issues. He got in contact with the clinic this past summer.

"Dan responded with a partner," Shaffer said. "They came right over here and talked to me about my needs."

Thanks to the visits, Oakes said he has been able to keep up with those needs and Shaffer continues to recover.

"It makes you feel human," Shaffer said. "It makes you feel like there are people who care."

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