Burning off your Thanksgiving dinner


SAN ANTONIO – Thanksgiving is next Thursday and as you get ready to take on that marathon meal of turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, and all the rest, the fitness experts at CoachUp.com have worked out exactly how long it will take for you to burn it all off.

They say the typical Turkey Day dinner amounts to about 4,500  calories -- not counting leftovers.

And here's what it will take to burn it all off:

If you plan on hitting the snowy slopes anytime soon, get ready to hit them a lot. It will take 15 hours of skiing to work off that turkey dinner.

Not a skier? How about 7.7 hours of running? That's two marathons -- if you're an experienced marathon runner.

Is there a heated pool at your gym? About 10.6 hours of swimming  will do the trick.

Or how about some basketball? About 7.7 hours on the court and you'll feel like a Spur.

Or you can get pumped up with 12.3 hours of weight-lifting.

A family bike ride will work off that holiday meal -- just make sure it's 15 hours long.

Or if you're really concerned about burning off calories, maybe just cut back on the rich stuff this Turkey Day.

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