Dog covered in motor oil adopted

Foster family decides to adopt Diego, now known as Riggs

SAN ANTONIO – Diego the dog first arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society in August -- covered in motor oil and suffering from severe sarcoptic mange.

Now, the 2 ½-year-old Airedale Terrier and Rottweiler mix has a new name to go along with his new home. Diego, now known as Riggs, has officially been adopted by his foster family.

The dog was found on Friday, August 15, tied to a pole in front of the SAHS facility. Staff took him in, named him Diego, and began immediately bathing him to remove the oil and treat the mange.

Sarcoptic mange occurs when mites burrow under an animal's skin. The mites cause excessive itching, which leads to excessive scratching and massive amounts of hair loss. SAHS believes whomever was caring for Diego thought the motor oil would help cure him.

Three months ago, a local couple offered to foster Diego in their home. Alyssa and Frank decided to rename him Riggs and welcomed him into their family forever.

"Riggs is doing fantastic and loves his forever home!" Alyssa said. "From the beginning, Frank and I knew that Riggs was meant for us. There was never a question or doubt as to whether we were going to adopt Riggs or not, he was a part of our family from day one."

She said her new pet has completely transformed -- outside and inside. His mange has cleared up, and he is now energetic and playful.

"Riggs is so smart and has learned lots of commands such as sit, lay, and even gives you his paw to shake hands," Alyssa said. "Riggs is an amazing companion and an absolute sweetheart! We love him so much and can't imagine him not being with us."

If you would like to foster an animal through the San Antonio Humane Society, you can visit their website here.

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