SA group stands with Ferguson against police brutality

Local watchdog group chooses to highlight police brutality

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Cop Watch group held a peaceful protest in front of the Bexar County Courthouse as the country waits for a decision in the Michael Brown case.

Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson earlier this year. A grand jury's decision to indict the officer or clear him of any charges is expected sometime this week.

Protestors tell us they are standing with the people of Ferguson and want Wilson to be indicted.

"That's why they have a state of emergency because they are worried about the response. But as my signs says the state of emergency, really is police brutality," said Marisa Laufer Cop Watch organizer. "We want people to know that we wouldn't be having these situations if we didn't have systemic racism (and) institutionalized racism."

Protestors also demand city officials to look deeper into local cases, currently at the District Attorneys office.