Warren High School students build homes

Student built homes will be sold next year

SAN ANTONIO – The future home builders of America are learning their craft here in San Antonio at the Construction Careers Academy on the campus of Warren High School.

Students can focus on four different programs architecture, design, engineering, and construction management.

They could also learn electrical, plumbing, air conditioner and heating, pipe-fitting  and carpentry under the construction technology program.

About 104 seniors are working on this year's project which converts 40x8x8-foot shipping containers into homes.

"At first we were like ‘containers?' How are we supposed to deal with these?" said Samantha Bass, who wants to be an officer in the Air Force.

The students said they begin with a plan. "We start with architectural plans, create floor plans, and then the people come in and start building them," said Garrett Carpenter, a future architect.

The "people" he is referring too are classmates.

They are converting four containers, according to city code, into a home that meets ADA requirements, a green efficiency home, an outdoor living home, and a man cave.

"This doesn't look good right now but we will make it look awesome," said Edwin Esparza, a future home builder.

The homes are expected to be complete in May. Then, there will be an open house and the homes will be sold.

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