Army veteran's truck torched outside SA home


SAN ANTONIO – Army veteran Marshall Blackmon was left without his truck after someone threw a Molotov cocktail at it and destroyed it.

The incident has reignited bad memories of his time on the battlefield and Blackmon wants the person who did it to be caught.

"The last time I saw a burning truck was in Afghanistan," said Blackmon.

Seeing his truck on fire triggered ugly memories for Blackmon, who was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. 

"I'm not supposed to live like that here. I left that behind," said Blackmon.

The incident brought him back to 2008 when he was serving in Afghanistan and the Humvee he was riding in blew up.

"I'm regressing a lot right now, I'm a little freaked out. It's like Afghanistan is right outside my house," said Blackmon.

Not only did someone torch his truck in the middle of the night, but inside was something irreplaceable, a beret of a soldier who was in the Humvee with him.

"He died the day the Humvee got bombed and I lived. I always kept that beret with me," said Blackmon.

The truck was set on fire early Sunday morning just feet away from his son's bedroom window.

When firefighters snuffed out the blaze, fragments of the Molotov cocktail were found in a white jug, which was turned over to arson investigators. 

"We wake up every morning and we have to come out here and see this burnt hole in the ground every single day. He has to be reminded of this every day," said Stephanie Batte, Blackmon's girlfriend.

The family has no means of transportation now since their truck was destroyed. The couple said thanks to kind neighbors, they're able to get around town temporarily.

The couple are offering a $500 reward for any information that could lead them to the vandals.

"I'm not looking for no handouts, no freebies, just help me find who's responsible, so what needs to happen to them can happen and we can have our sense of mind back," said Blackmon.