Snakes in your pants at the airport? That's not OK

Wildlife, explosives, guns seized by TSA agents

SAN ANTONIO – While most travelers are probably worried about whether their luggage will be too heavy or too big to check on an airplane or even if their toiletries are the correct size to make it past security, others are trying to get more than an extra ounce of shampoo on a flight.

They're trying to sneak all kinds of items onto planes. Some attach the items to their bodies, others stash them in their shoes or clothing. Many have been caught taking weapons or explosives in their luggage.

It's become such a comment event, the Transportation Security Administration has started posting pictures of them on their blog and on their Instagram account.

We're sharing a few of their pictures below.

You can click here to see the rules for liquid carry on items. To find out what items are not allowed, click here.