SA police arrest pair with graffiti tools

Christopher Williams, Jeremy Escobedo charged with evading arrest

SAN ANTONIO – Christopher Ryan Williams and Jeremy Escobedo, both 19 years old, have been arrested after San Antonio police officers allegedly caught them with tools for painting graffiti.

They took both men into custody before 3 a.m. Wednesday, and booked them into jail later on a charge of evading arrest. Williams also was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

At the scene, officers searched the suspects as well as a car parked nearby, and said they found a bag of spray paint along with a store receipt for the paint.

Both men also had paint on their hands and clothing, according to officers.

Police said they were responding to a call about two taggers who were hanging off a bridge over Interstate 10 near Culebra Road when they found the suspects hiding in the area.

It was unclear later in the day, however, whether they actually caused any damage with the paint.

Still, the arrests were welcome news to Tom Johnson, who said he deals with graffiti all the time.

"It's bad. I mean, we can paint over it, and the next day it happens again," he said. "I've got security. They patrol the property and (taggers) still get in and tag it."

Johnson is general manager of Acme Screen, which has several buildings on its property near I-10 and Culebra Road, which criminals have turned into their own illegal canvases.

He said the constant clean-up of graffiti costs the business time and money.

"If they would just utilize their talents in other ways, people would probably appreciate their art work. But don't destroy our property," Johnson said. "We caught two a couple of months ago over here on our building, on our property, but they still come back."

Bond for Escobedo was set at $1,000, while Williams' bonds totalled $2,600.

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