Shoppers lined up outside Best Buy for days

Black Friday shoppers setup tents


SAN ANTONIO – Some San Antonio shoppers are not waiting until Thursday evening to hit the stores, they have been in line since Monday.

Bargain seekers have set up tents at a local Best Buy store, waiting for the doors to slide open and their chance at the hottest items on their holiday list.

"We've been doing it for around 10 years. I started eight years ago, this is my third year being first in line," said Luis Flores.

The most sought after item this year is a 50-inch TV for $200, but consumers aren't limiting themselves to just one item. "I'm waiting for TVs and a PS4," Flores said.

People in line claim to save thousands but not everyone feels it's worth camping out in line for such items.

"I think it's crazy, personally. I wouldn't see myself out here doing this," said Ben Rogers.

In years past shoppers had to wait until Friday, but that's all changed. Shoppers will be allowed inside Thursday at 5 p.m.

"We're excited to help each and every customer with making sure they get the item that they want," said Best Buy sales manager Amy Garcia.