Retired General: Sony cyber attack is an act of war

FBI continues investigation after Sony cyber attack

SAN ANTONIO – The FBI continues to investigate a recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures, which may have been carried out by North Korean hackers.

The incident sheds light on the issues of cyber crime and cyber war.

Retired Gen. Keith Alexander commented on the issues, while in town for the Trinity University Policy Maker Breakfast Series. 

The former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command and former director of the National Security Agency talked about what's at stake.

"These destructive attacks that destroy data permanently, whether it hits Sony, a power (grid), a government, financial institution, the destruction of data in cyberspace is bad. it's all bad," said Alexander. 

The attack on Sony, which could cost the company million,  is thought to be a response from North Korea to a soon to be released movie.

In the comedy "The Interview," starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, the two are recruited to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

The attack on Sony is now under investigation by the FBI.

'You've got Ukraine, you've got now North Korea, if that's correct. What do you do about that?  The China problem with intellectual property," said Alexander, "My opinion is you have to set a line, you have to set a standard, and from where I sit, if somebody were to attack us with the intent of doing harm, that's an act of war. And we should treat it as that."

Alexander said cyber legislation is needed sooner than later.

Congress is considering new laws, and Alexander believes new protective measures could be in place within the next six months.