West Side neighborhood combats thefts with app

Mesa Creek plagued with package thefts last year

SAN ANTONIO – With the holiday shopping season in full swing, residents of a West Side neighborhood are warning others about the potential for package thefts after a frustrating year of dealing with crooks.

Albert Castillo, resident of the Mesa Creek subdivision, said his neighborhood has been plagued with package thefts for the past year.

"Missing packages, you name it," Castillo said. "Whatever was delivered. Computers, jewelry, whatever came."

Castillo said brazen thieves hit the neighborhood hard by following postal delivery workers as they dropped packages. 

The neighborhood signed up for the free smartphone app Nextdoor to get organized, stay connected and alert each other to suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

"We caught quite a few people using the app," Castillo said. "Not just in the package-related thefts and missed locations, but also in burglaries and car break-ins. It's been a real interesting year."

With the use of Nextdoor, Castillo said crime in his neighborhood has decreased over 60 percent from last year.

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